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I Gained 144k+ Followers On IG in <90 Days... Now It's Your Turn!

I Gained 144k+ Followers On Insta in <90 Days...
Here's Everything I Learnt:

Create A Viral IG Reels Series to
Grow Your Brand & Biz

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Join the course that's designed to help content creators and business owners reach hundreds of thousands of people, grow an audience and monetise their Instagram.

Steal My Formula To 144k+ Followers in <90 Days...

Hello there, my name is Rory and I grew my following by 140k+ followers on Instagram in <90 days posting Reels about my gut health.

Actually across all of the platforms (FB, IG, TT, YT) I gained 400k+ altogether in <90 days with short-form video which is wild!

I did all of this without...

​🚫 Trending Audios
🚫 Following Trends
🚫 Lip Syncing
🚫 Boosting or Promoting Posts
🚫 Posting 4 Times A Day

Ultimately I ignored the IG gurus advice above, and created a 'Signature Short-Form Series'.

50m+ views and 400k+ followers later I can safely say...

It changed my life forever!

✅ I quit freelancing to go full-time as a creator
✅ Increased my sponsorship rate, and delivered great results for sponsors
✅ Created passive income that I'm still benefitting from 12 months later
✅ Built an engaged community of like-minded people
✅ Formed connections with peers that I'd looked up to for years 
✅ Established 'authority' in a niche that is relatively saturated
✅ Have an audience I can market my future business endeavours to
✅ Created a consulting business helping others get epic results with their content
✅ Made a huge impact sharing my message with people who turned their lives around too

These are are just some of the benefits that building a targeted audience unlocks.

The weird thing is though, practically nobody is teaching this methodology. I think I've seen one TikTok influencer talk about the importance of a series, but that's it. 

So instead of people accelerating their growth, building an engaged and targeted audience, and creating a platform to share their life changing products and services... 

They end up...

🤢 Getting stuck in the dreaded 200-300 views prison
🤢 Creating content that nobody watches and blaming it on the algorithm or 'shadow banning'
🤢 Spending way too much time and money trying to figure this whole reels thing
🤢 Wondering why others are succeeding and they aren't
😏 Stumbling across this landing page and having spontaneous deep breaths because they know they don't have to struggle anymore

​When you learn the anatomy of creating a good video that the audience & algorithm like and combine that with the power of a signature series that has the potential to go viral, it opens up the world for you.

​The crazy thing is, this works for literally ANY niche or industry.

​👉 Affiliate Marketing, Nutrition, Fitness, Homemaking, Parenting, Making Money Online, Pets, Beauty, Marketing, Fashion, Personal Growth, Sports, even Funeral Homes.

And it's suitable for anyone that's willing to put in the work...

👉 Creators, Influencers, Business Owners, Personal Brands, Social Media Managers.

Ultimately, if you are willing to put in the work and can follow the right guidance - reel success is yours!

The weird thing is that this method isn't new.

There are thousands of creators our there that are using the 'series' type format to grow massive followings and businesses.

​So again, the problem is... nobody is teaching this stuff!

I saw so many people and businesses struggling with their content. I got frustrated seeing people not get the results they deserved.

​So I started teaching others what I learnt.

​What happened next shocked and excited me!

One of my friends I was mentoring gained 550K+ followers on IG in the time it took me to get 144k+. He more than 3x'd my results and got a 5 figure sponsor deal!

Another person who took one of my trainings sent me this message...

So with my advice, not only were people getting followers but they were also getting dollars, and helping people with their content, products & services. A true win-win-win situation.

At this point I was starting to feel conflicted, because I wanted to help more people... But I didn't want to create a course about it  and become a course guru 😂

However my time was getting full between consulting, running my own account, and of course parenting.

I realised the only option to scale the impact was to create a program that outlined my strategies, and in all transparency - I saw it as a way that I could potentially fund buying and starting a farm in the future.

So I after a bunch of testing and feedback, I now have landed on what I call 'The Ultimate Reels Course' (or URC for short). The goal is to make it the best and most fun reels training on the internet!

With what's in there, I'm very confident that this will be a possibility one day.

My intention now is to help 10,000 business owners experience rapid growth with reels, expand their brand, grow their biz, and help their future customers find their products/services.

Just like this lady...

And this fella...

So...Will you be one of them?

What's in the Ultimate Reels Course?

URC is a self-paced course focused on guiding you to create reels that rapidly grow a targeted & engaged following  you can sell your products to.

Inside, you'll be taught my system for creating series that have the potential to go viral and bring you sales.

You'll also be taught the fundamentals of short-form video creation so you eventually find yourself in a space of mastery over the platforms and algorithms.

So whether you have the time and desire to put effort on a series that could go viral, or just want to go the faceless templates route - I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone.

Here's a little more in depth of what you can expect...

Module #1: Pre-Work

  • Learn my mindset strategies behind creating successful content, and how to set yourself up for success before you even think about turning on the camera
  • ​Discover the true purpose of short-form video and reels, and how to effectively use it in your business funnel
  • ​Monetisation - learn the best way to position your offer so when your content takes off so does your bank account balance 📈
  • ​Determining your goal & intended outcome
  • ​Camera confidence - overcome the fear of being a weirdo in front of the camera
  • ​Defining your target audience
  • ​To Niche or Not to Niche
  • ​Becoming known for this one thing
  • ​Mistakes I wish I didn't make whilst blowing up my accounts
  • ​'Viral videos' versus 'viral for me'
  • ​What to do after your first video goes 'viral'
  • ​Fast-tracking to your first 1k, 10k and 100k followers

Module #2: IG, Reels & the Algorithm

  • Understand how Instagram works in more depth
  • ​Why I take an Instagram-first approach
  • Learn the not-so mysterious ways of the algorithm
  • ​Learn how to re-purpose your videos for the different platforms
  • ​How often should you post?
  • ​What time of day should you post?
  • ​How long should your videos be?

Module #3: Branding & Bios

  • ​Account setup
  • Setting up your branding on IG
  • ​Creating a compelling bio
  • ​Learn about links in bio and best tools

Module #4: Research (Don't Re-Invent the 🛞)

  • ​Learn how to model what's working for other creators and make it your own
  • ​The importance of researching the platforms and your niche
  • ​Non-seasoned account VS seasoned account for research purposes
  • ​Creating a secret niche/seasoned account
  • ​Researching your niche on IG to maximise success

Module #5: Anatomy of a 'Good' Video

  • ​Learn the fundamentals of creating what I call a 'good' video
  • ​Create Scroll-Stopping Hooks (with 200+ examples)
  • ​Pay-Offs aka how to get people to watch your videos for longer
  • ​Storytelling & the body of your videos
  • ​ISMs, easter-eggs and pattern interrupts for retention and engagement
  • ​Calls to Action
  • ​Captions/Descriptions
  • ​Hashtags (are they even relevant?)
  • ​Subtitles
  • ​Sound Design
  • ​Looping videos
  • ​Breakdowns of my most viral videos (14.2million, 9.7million, 4.9million views)
  • ​Script-writing templates
  • ​How to speak to your target market

Module #6: The 'Signature Series' Method

  • ​What is a Series?
  • ​The different types of series
  • ​What is the Signature Series Method?
  • ​100+ Signature Series Examples & Ideas (and why they work)
  • ​Follower Farming
  • ​Series Stacking (running multiple series at once)
  • ​Creating A Series
  • ​Creating your First Series

Module #7: Tips for Video Creation

  • ​How to come up with endless video ideas
  • ​How to create good looking and sounding videos on your phone
  • ​The different types of videos - e.g. skits, vlogs, grwm, pov's, talking head, greenscreen etc
  • ​Equipment recommendations
  • ​Recording in the Reel/Tok safe area
  • ​Batch producing content​​
  • ​Different filming & recording tips & tricks
  • ​DIY vs Hiring

Module #8: Faceless Reels & Reels Templates

  • ​Learn how to make Reels without showing your face
  • ​30+ Reels templates you can steal and edit in Canva (with more being added)

Module #9: Editing Tips

  • ​How to use CapCut on mobile + desktop
  • ​Editing in Canva
  • ​Basics of editing within IG
  • ​Quick tips for editing
  • ​Using music correctly in your video (copyright free + licensed music)
  • ​Adding captions to your videos
  • ​Editing mistakes people make
  • ​Programs & apps I personally use and recommend
  • ​Where to find Stock Footage for B-Roll​
  • ​DIY vs Hiring

Module #10: Publishing to IG

  • ​How to publish to IG the right way
  • ​Reel cover photos
  • ​Optimal settings for publishing
  • ​Collabs
  • ​Scheduling tools​

Module #11: Analyse & Adjust

  • ​The important of analysing your content
  • ​Going behind the scenes of IG Analytics and reading it
  • ​How to adjust your content and series based on analytical data

Other Trainings, Templates & Bonuses
(coming late May)

Including but not limited to...

  • ​Frequently Asked Questions section
  • ​StorySelling: How to use IG Stories to build connection & sell your stuff
  • ​YouTube Shorts Mini-Course (+ how I gained 40k subscribers on YT from shorts)
  • ​TikTok Masterclass: How to grow on TikTok
  • ​How to use posts & carousels
  • ​IG Template Heaven: templates for reels, carousels, stories and more
  • ​100+ POV Video Ideas
  • ​30, 60 & 90 Day Content Calendars
  • ​Checklists for creating reels
  • ​How to create parody videos
  • ​+ more being added!

BONUS: Access to exclusive Community for 2024!

I charge $200US per hour for consulting, but you get access to me in our Reels Community in our Skool group for no extra cost.

Yep! For the rest of 2024, you can ask me any questions and you'll get answers. If you need more in-depth strategy and customised stuff of course I recommend booking in a call with me, but if you need feedback here and there - I gotchu!

So you see... it is very comprehensive. I am truly building the Ultimate Reels Course.

I don't know what else to put on this landing page, but if the above sounds good, then the next part is where you can invest in the Ultimate Reels Course and get the ball rolling! I'm excited to work with you!

  • ​Number one: You're gonna get this thing $997 (Value)
  • Number twoYou're gonna get this thing $997 (Value)
  • Number threeYou're gonna get this thing $997 (Value)

Full Price: $497

Join Today For Just: $297 USD

(OR 2x payments of $150USD)


Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

 How long do I have access?

Lifetime access. So as long as Instagram Reels are a thing, you've got access to the course :)

 How long is the course? How much time do I need? 

I've tried to keep it as succinct and to the point as possible. The course content is under 10 hours total, which can be broken up into bite-sized chunks. The part that will take the longest is the research, the idea creation and strategization. Then the amount of time it takes for you to produce the content is however long it takes. It will take a bit longer at first but as you get better it will speedup.

 Is there support if I get stuck?

Yes! For all of 2024 you get access to a dedicated community and support group on our Skool!

 Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the course, refunds are not provided. Please make sure you wish to purchase the course before hittin' that big ol' buy button.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me at


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  • Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • ​Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
  • ​Your FREE BONUS Product Name (Value $497)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results with the program?

In the cosmic dance of progress, timelines can vary greatly. While some cosmic voyagers have glimpsed cosmic sparks within days, others have traversed several cosmic cycles before witnessing the crescendo of their efforts.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our cosmic odyssey is tailored to both cosmic newcomers and seasoned cosmic explorers alike. Our cosmic guides illuminate the pathways regardless of your cosmic familiarity.

What if I encounter challenges along the way?

The cosmic journey is strewn with challenges like stardust. Fear not, for our cosmic mentors are attuned to the cosmic rhythms, ready to assist you in unraveling any cosmic conundrums that may arise.

Can I access the materials after the program ends?

Indeed, once you've embarked upon this cosmic quest, the treasures bestowed are yours to keep. The cosmic scrolls remain open for your cosmic perusal even after the final curtain call.

Are there any additional costs involved?

While the cosmic entry is gift-wrapped and complete, your cosmic expedition may encounter optional cosmic add-ons. However, the core of your cosmic journey remains unburdened by hidden cosmic costs.